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Helen Cathcart.


Munem Wasif

Agence VU – Munem Wasif

Munem Wasif

Born in 1983 in Bangladesh. He is a graduate of Pathshala.

Wasif began his career in photography as a feature photographer for the Daily Star, a leading English daily in Bangladesh. His photographs have been published in numerous national and international publications including Le Monde, Himal Southasian, Asian Geographic, Photo District News, Zonezero, PDFX12 and the Daily Star.

In 2007, he was selected for the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass in the Netherlands. He won an “Honorable Mention” in the All Roads Photography Program from the National Geographic Society for his extensive work on Old Dhaka.

His work is exhibited worldwide including in the Anchor Photo Festival in Cambodia, the International Photography Biennial of the Islamic World in Iran, Fotofreo- Festival of Photography in Australia, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Japan and Getty image gallery in England. Recently he was elected as one of the 30 emerging photographers by Photo District News, USA.

In 2008 he received the F25 Prize from La Fabrica and the Young Reporter Award from the City of Perpignan during the Visa pour l’Image festival. He also won the PrixPictet commission to document a water project in Bangladesh.

He is now teaching documentary photography at Pathshala South Asian Media Academy.

Daniel Beltrá | PORTFOLIO

Daniel Beltrá | PORTFOLIO

The fragile state of our ecosystems is a continuous thread throughout my work. It is in nature’s beauty and complexity that I find my inspiration. My photographs show the vast scale of transformation our world is under from man-made stresses. To capture this, I have found it is often best to work from the air, which more easily allows for the juxtaposition of nature with the destruction wrought by unsustainable development. Aerial photography gives a unique perspective emphasizing that the Earth and its resources are finite.

By taking viewers to remote locations where man and nature are at odds, I hope to instill a deeper appreciation for the precarious balance our lifestyle has placed on the planet.