Ball of Light by Denis Smith


Ball of Light™ | by Denis Smith.

…. “Light Painting” became a way for me to to push the photographic boundaries. The creation of the Ball of Light project then became a way for me to regularly get out into nature which provided a balance to the rest of my life. I now look back on the past couple of years and realise that the Ball of Light not only helped me make a huge and sustainable change in my own life, but I have inspired others all over the world to do the same. I love that.

The Ball of Light is created in a single exposure by swinging lights around. There is no “Photoshop” here at all. It is super challenging, and certainly adds a new dimension to long exposure photography….


Michael Bosanko






Michael Bosanko

Light Graffiti, Light Sculpting, Photography, Editorial. The work I create involves no fancy equipment, no special computer effects, no photo editing. What you see in my work is real, pure; combining my love for night photography and passion for light sculpting… I take long exposures in the night, and while the camera remains exposed, I sculpt the night air with torches. Some exposures last a few minutes, and some take me well beyond an hour to complete…

Christopher Becker

Art Samples

While I embrace both digital and film mediums, most night images are captured with a large format view camera.
Many of my night images are created with a technique often called light painting, in which light sources in near-dark conditions are projected onto or “painted” in selective areas during the camera exposure. Effects are achieved during the exposure. No post-production computer manipulation occurs. Exposures can range from 20 seconds and upwards to the entire evening (6 or more hours) to achieve. Recently my work has been evolving in the woods of New England, and within little known niches of the urban world.

Chip Simons

chip simons photography

A professional photographer, for over 28 years.  New York City based (now in Hershey Pa) photographer Chip Simons has worked for
countless publications from, Time, Esquire,GQ,People, Scientific America, Audubon,Rolling Stone, and Forbes. He has done advertising for Coke, Shimano, MTV, Nickelodeon,Apple Computer , to name a few. He is known for his wide angle and fisheye lenses, and his use of colored lights and light painting techniques …as well as his humorus and conceptual approach to all things Americana.