I have been a self-taught professional photographer since 1988. Over these years as a professional I did fine art photography for personal self expression and freelance photography for various publications, national and multinational companies, kept this erratic pace for long, until I joined Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in 1997 to teach photography. Presently freelance work is at its minimum and being a full-time faculty member at various levels is at its maximum. And in the petite spare moments life gives me, are spent in plans to travel in search of fresh images, and to experiment further with new techniques and processes. Venturing into Digital Art seemed natural after being involved with time-honored old Alternative Photography Processes.


Photography is a path, a sequence of events to be lived and experienced that helps you discover yourself and the people and places in your near and distant environments. It is not a fixed state of mind or being but an evolving medium, to take the edge off the weight some of can feel in conveying our feelings, beliefs and desires. In short not all of us are verbal enough in putting into words any intense visual rush witnessed.

As a visual artist we are most satisfied in expressing ourselves when we photograph subjects that give us a spiritual or an emotional rush. There is no traditional way of perceiving the subject, only diverse ways in which it can be experienced. What is essential is how the subject looks and feels to you. . In the eye of the beginner there are many possibilities; in the eye of the specialist there are only a few.

Technique & Style:

I work with medium format or 35mm cameras, analog or digital. Photographs are usually produced on Fuji or Kodak paper, and for the various alt-processes fine grain watercolor paper. For the fine art work produced image manipulation is at times applied using traditional darkroom methods or digital techniques. Photographic style includes Architecture, Landscapes, Still Life and Environmental Portraits.

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