Andrew Sanderson



Andrew Sanderson, Photographer: Gallery.

A professional photographer for over 20 years, Andrew Sanderson has established an international reputation as both teacher and practitioner of the photographic medium. Andrew has exhibited regularly in the UK and New York, and has photographs in picture libraries in both Britain and the United States. He currently runs workshops from his darkroom and studio in Holmfirth, and gives lectures and demonstrations for Ilford Harman technology as one of their ‘Master Printers’.


Fran Forman ~ Alchemy of Memory

Alchemy of Memory.

Forman_Fran_A-Knight-with-his-Dog_2011-621x600 Forman_Fran_Looking-towards-an-island_2012-600x600 Forman_Fran_Woman-on-a-Journey_2011-664x600

“The camera was the first machine of depiction, and for a time we believed it to tell only the truth. In the end, perhaps all the images we create share a strange mixture of magic, truth, and illusion. And in this soil sprouts metaphor, which is the source of meaning.”          Edward Bateman

Fran Forman on Work & Process:

“In merging photography with painting, portraiture with dreamed landscapes, technologies and generations, my images blur the boundaries between the real and the unreal, re-imagining worlds that, like our own, remain forever a mystery. I invite the viewer to look closely, to engage with me in an imaginative discourse, and to enter into a world of dreams and memory. The visual narratives of my photo collages dissolve the boundaries of time; they connect my fantasies and dreams with the generations that have come before me and attempt to bring them back to life. Perhaps it’s my attempt to stop time.”

Sunshine & Noir ~Tom Alleman

Sunshine –and– Noir : Los Angeles | 28 | | SUNSHINE & NOIR: Holga Photographs of Los Angeles and New York by Thomas Michael Alleman.

 : Sunshine & Noir : Los Angeles : SUNSHINE & NOIR: Holga Photographs of Los Angeles and New York by Thomas Michael Alleman

SUNSHINE & NOIR is a book-length series of urban landscapes made in Los Angeles and New York over the last five-plus years. The LA collection was begun in September 2001, and the New York batch in March of 2002. These pictures were shot on medium-format, black-and-white negative stock with a battery of $17 Holga toy cameras. The Holga’s many laughable failures are well known and all-encompassing: focus, exposure and parallax are effectively un-controllable, and the plastic lens is always aberrant, cloudy and vignetted. The shutter bounces sometimes, causing partial double-exposures; light-leaks are inevitable but random. Sunshine & Noir made its debut in April 2006, in a solo show at Ben Breard’s Afterimage Gallery in Dallas, and has since been exhibited at the Robin Rice Gallery in New York, the Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, OR, and the XianShaWan Photography Festival in Inner Mongolia, China. The project received feature spreads in Black and White Magazine in 2006, Phot’Art International in 2007 and Rangefinder Magazine in 2009.