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“My Leaf Aptus-II 7 lets me shoot all day long with no problems. The combination of its robustness and the image quality produced by its 33MP sensor makes this camera back ideal for commercial work.” Nuno Correia …….. happy to introduce Nuno Correia from Portugal. Nuno specializes in Food and Still-Life.
Nuno uses Leaf Aptus-II 7 for creative commercial images.

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Susan Burnstine Photography

Susan Burnstine Photography


Susan Burnstine portrays her dream-like visions entirely in-camera, rather than with post-processing manipulations. To achieve this, she created twenty-one hand-made film cameras and lenses that are frequently unpredictable and technically challenging. The cameras are primarily made out of plastic, vintage camera parts and random household objects and the single element lenses are molded out of plastic and rubber. Learning to overcome their extensive limitations has her to rely on instinct and intuition… the same tools that are key when trusting in the unseen.