David Chow Fine Art Photography

David Chow Fine Art Photography

David Chow is a fine art photographer based in Cambridge; he studied photography at degree level and printmaking at master’s level at the Cambridge School of Art.David started his career by producing striking black and white portraits of flowers, he has since turned his eye to alternative printing techniques used by the old masters of photography and is now well known in the U.K for his exquisite Cyanotype prints of flowers. He is passionate about using such techniques as they have an ability to capture an expansive tonal range and the prints have unique luminescence. He is one of a very few practitioners in the country to be teaching alternative printing processes including cyanotype and platinum/palladium printing.

The power of David’s photography lies in its simplicity and he has been able to capture beauty in both living and dying flowers. A keen botanist, the majority of David’s flower portraits come from specimens grown and picked from his own garden. Using large and medium format cameras with the aid of natural daylight his photographs capture the most intimate and subtle details of each flower.

Over the last four years David has published three limited edition hand made books and portfolios that form part of the’ Expressive Flower Series’, beautifully hand bound, these books merge David’s love of poetry, flowers and photography in one art form. David is represented by a number of galleries in the U.K and U.S and has exhibited his work widely and is included in numerous private and corporate collections.

David has been learning alternative photographic for the past 10 years. He teaches workshops in cyanotype and platinum printing with digital negatives and was the first person to do so in the U.K. For further information click here


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