Dawn Heumann Photography

Dawn Heumann Photography I grew up barefoot and free spirited among the Northern California redwoods, vibrant Balinese back streets, and lush Hawaiian junglescapes. Over the span of my childhood, my parents made travel films for a living. Joining them on many of their journeys was a young, bright-eyed blond with a rapidly growing conceptual understandings of the world – me. I watched then, as I do now, the way my father would chase the sun’s golden rays. I remember clearly the early, early mornings when we had to rise as children to go hunt for that first morning light. The way he looked at the world then, has taught me to see it now, through a photographic lens.My curiosity about the world, fashioned from the many years of travel I experienced as a child, drove me to gain my undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Religion.

My pursuit of these fields was born from a determination to grasp the hugeness of the world and the oneness of the cultures I had observed, within it, as a child. After I graduated, with my BA in 2007, I bought my first SLR camera, and traveled for two years with it as my companion. The photos I produced during those years, and the happiness that came from being behind the camera, gave me the drive to return to San Francisco in the spring of 2009 to pursue a Masters Degree in Photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.My experience of the world, in a way unique only to someone born into such fortune of exploration, compassion and wonder, has driven my quest to give back to this ever beautiful and ever suffering world in which I live. My parents, two people who have succeeded in creating a world for themselves that never dims, even for an instant, encouraged me to do the same. I was told, from my very first days, that I not only could do anything and be anyone I wanted to be, but that, in fact, it was my duty to do so.

The photographs I take and the images I make strive to play their small part in changing this world for the better.As a portrait photographer, a documentary photographer or a fine art photographer, I seek to capture the beauty in each moment, in each expression and each forgotten place.


2 thoughts on “Dawn Heumann Photography

  1. Farah G,

    Dawn Huemann is my class mate. It is so amazing that you shared her work on your blog. I just told her that you posted her website in you blog. she will be very happy!.


    Umair Jangda

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