August Bradley

August Bradley

August Bradley’s conceptual approach to fashion and commercial imagery is heavy on mystery, allegory and visual narratives that have their roots in classic literature as much as they do fine art—not an easy sell for a photographer working in the gentrified world of advertising. Yet Bradley, a relative newcomer to the photography industry, is highly sought after for his singular vision in an environment where established photographers are working against a tough economy and the upheaval of existing business structures.

Densely complex in theme even if minimal in composition, Bradley’s dramatic photography is hyperstylized in technique and often centered on a “style” component, he says, “though it’s not really about the clothes.” He has many clients that come to him specifically for commercial or fashion photography, but Bradley notes that the stylization is less his brand of fashion photography and more to complement each story and to give the imagery more of a “detachment from our day-to-day perspective.” Props and surreal backgrounds play a big part in selling the riddles in his images, and he prefers to have an element of literary fiction, noting that as an avid reader he has found the best literary fiction to reveal more fundamental truths than the objective world of nonfiction ever could.


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