Togashi Studio

Togashi Studio

TOGASHI – Simple Perfection

When you see TOGASHI’s photographs, with their pure white highlights, rich black shadows and perfectly placed details, his visual sense of style is immediately recognizable. TOGASHI’s photographs have been instilled with his style for three decades irrespective of the tools or the medium he uses. The longtime studio perfectionist finds that, now more than ever, photographers are in a squeeze as they struggle to keep up with rapidly evolving technology and a rapidly evolving business climate. As TOGASHI moves forward, he’s meeting these challenges by maintaining the uncompromising sense of visual perfection that keeps his clients coming back. He uses his last name alone as his professional moniker—is truly a master of the studio still life. In the mid-’70s, he invested in an 8×10 camera and rented a closet-sized studio in which to hole up and perfect this craft. Since then, he has spent countless sleepless nights refining his technique so that virtually everything you see in his finished images was there on the film …..


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