Sara Remington Photography

Sara Remington Photography

Sara Remington was raised in upstate New York, graduated from Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts in 2001, and moved to California after years of being trapped in piles of snow. With inspiration derived from the beauty of raw, unprocessed foods, organic ingredients, natural light, and fresh air, Sara has the “ability to tell stories with such poignantly simple, yet elegant images that speak volumes” (Digital Photo Pro). She was the recipient of Photo District News’ 30 Emerging Photographers of 2006 and continues to shoot for editorial, advertising, and book publishing firms worldwide. Sara is based in the San Francisco Bay area.

With over 15 books photographed, Sara is currently working on a project about foraging in the wild, as well as a travel book about Argentina’s wine country, and a cookbook about Calabria, Italy. When not shooting, you can find Sara driving up and down the coast on Highway 1, climbing rocks all over California, and enjoying anchovies and a really stinky cheese.


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