Tyler Stableford Photography | SPORTS

Tyler Stableford Photography | SPORTS

Aspen photographer Tyler Stableford has earned a worldwide clientele for his commercial and editorial photography. Men’s Journal recently named him one of the seven “World’s Greatest Adventure Photographers,” and he is one of Canon’s prestigious Explorers of Light. Tyler has won numerous awards from Communication Arts, PDN and The International Photography Awards, among others. His stock imagery is represented by Getty Images.

Tyler’s passion for photography extends beyond commercial work. He volunteers to shoot at least one week per year for nonprofits, and is an active member of the environmental-business organization “1% For The Planet.”


Al Magnus

Al Magnus Pohotographer

“I was ten when I first discovered photography and was even then fascinated by the light that B & W prints suffused. Armed with a Voigtländer and a handheld lightmeter, I made my first steps on the long and winding road of B & W photography. Ever since, I’ve kept a vision of photography filled with light and I’ve been trying to express it in most of my compositions, occasionally using colour to improve a setting. After these inconclusive beginnings, I gave up any pretention in the art of photography and did scientific studies.

I’m now a qualified physics and chemistry scientist with a PhD. I strongly favour therefore, the experimental approach to science. Around the year 2000, I bought a scanner for negatives followed by a printer, almost a compulsive buy. By then I had understood that having perfectly mastered the technical tools during my formative years had really allowed me to become emancipated. And so, I put all my energy into a dedicated photographic approach. As for my private life, my fabulous wife, our three fabulous children and I live and work between Provence and the Cévennes. I can’t find enough words to thank my family for their everyday support, especially the person who put the first camera into my hands.”

Joe McNally

Photographer Joe McNally

Joe McNally has been photographing for the National Geographic Society since 1987. Some of his most recent National Geographic magazine assignments are “The Future of Flying,” “Power of Light,” and “What It Takes to Build the Unbeatable Body: Pushing the Limit.”

In addition to his work for National Geographic, McNally shoots for other magazines, advertising agencies, and graphic design firms. His clients include Sports Illustrated, ESPN magazine, Life, Time, Fortune, New York magazine, Geo, the New York Stock Exchange, Target stores, Sony, GE, Nikon, Lehman Brothers, and PNC Bank. He has also worked on numerous Day in the Life photographic book projects.

McNally has received the Alfred Eisenstadt Award for magazine photography and has been honored by Pictures of the Year International, World Press Photo, and the Art Directors Club. He has also been recognized by the magazines Photo District News, American Photo, Applied Arts magazine, Communication Arts, and Graphis.

Yousuf Karsh

Yousuf Karsh / Photographer / the work / portraits

“… More and more often now, I am asked whether I think there are as many great men and women to photograph today as in the past — whether the strengths of a Churchill or an Einstein can be found today in this era of antiheroes. When my portrait of Churchill in 1941 opened the door to the world for me and started me on my search for greatness, I had a legacy of half a century to draw upon. During the war, in one brief period in England alone, I photo-graphed forty-two leaders of international stature; and later in Washington, a similar number. After the war, there were still many personalities whose reputations extended back for decades. A Sibelius, a Helen Keller, a Schweitzer, a Casals are of enduring stature. But I believe the past has no claim on greatness, for such arresting personalities are always among us. Nor can we yet judge what lessons remain to be learned from the young. I know only that my quest continues.

The endless fascination of these people for me lies in what I call their inward power. It is part of the elusive secret that hides in everyone, and it has been my life’s work to try to capture it on film. The mask we present to others and, too often, to ourselves may lift for only a second—to reveal that power in an unconscious gesture, a raised brow, a surprised response, a moment of repose. This is the moment to record.

To my deep satisfaction, through my photographs many people have been introduced to some of the outstanding personalities of our time and, I hope, have been given a more intimate glimpse of and greater insight into them.

My own quest now has stretched for over half a lifetime. The search for greatness of spirit has compelled me to work harder — to strive for perfection, knowing it to be unattainable. My quest has brought me great joy when something close to my ideal has been attained. It has kept me young in heart, adventurous, forever seeking, and always aware that the heart and mind are the true lens of the camera. “ ~ Yousuf Karsh

Richard Avedon


Richard Avedon’s portraits have filled the pages of the country’s finest magazines. His stark imagery and brilliant insight into his subjects’ characters has made him one of the premier American portrait photographers. Born in New York in 1923, Richard Avedon dropped out of high school and joined the Merchant Marine’s photographic section. Upon his return in 1944, he found a job as a photographer in a department store. Within two years he had been “found” by an art director at Harper’s Bazaar and was producing work for them as well as Vogue, Look, and a number of other magazines. During the early years, Avedon made his living primarily through work in advertising. His real passion, however, was the portrait and its ability to express the essence of its subject …. Avedon died on October 1st, 2004.

Eolo Perfido Photography Portfolio

Eolo Perfido Photography Portfolio

Photography arrived quite late in my life, but fortunately passions are timeless, so at 28 I took a camera in my hands without knowing that after a while my desire would be to keep it there forever. To take pictures has become something that goes beyond the simple realization of images and has deeply changed my way of experiencing life and relating to others. In the current years I worked for several international agencies, customers and magazines …. In the last years I’ve been also honored to assist Steve McCurry in several of his shootings in Europe, Africa and South America. I was born in Cognac (France) in February 1972. I live in Rome and work all over the world.