The current direction of my work is based upon isolation. There are good and bad things to take away from the whole experience of isolation — it can be lonely, yet empowering. I often ask myself why we go through life feeling like we have to fit in somewhere, with someone, or need something to complete us? This innate feeling of isolation or yearning for compatibility is what I constantly wrestle with, stretching my own concepts of identity and association.

The work that I am currently developing is exploring the idea of people being on islands – isolated at sea, independent, and self-sufficient. Not only am I exploring isolated singles, but also isolated couples. When people are coupled, the honeymoon phase tends to isolate people from their friends and family, meshing the two entities together. In this new addition to my isolation series, I have combined topography and photography together –topophotography: three dimensional, image-layered, topographical island models. Just like in life, experiences (or layers) are never erased, but they are there to build upon for future experiences or relationships.


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