Black and White Photography by M A Andrew – Photo Gallery

Black and White Photography by M A Andrew – Photo Gallery.

In my photography I attempt to reflect two central characteristics – fragility and ingenuity. Most of the time, one is obviously apparent and the challenge for me is to look for the other in the picture I create and the effect my photograph has on the viewer. I am drawn to the ways in which these two facets of nature have endured as a backdrop to mankind’s evolution. Black and white photography is a powerful medium with which to explore these central themes as it helps to strip out the many distractions that can prevent us from enjoying this fascinating relationship.

About the Photographer

Photography has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I was born in Manchester, England in 1977 and have been making photographs since I was a teenager. When digital photography came along, I was somewhat skeptical at first. The technology simply lagged behind the traditional darkroom print. However, by 2004, I had started to use a digital DSLR and today I shoot exclusively in digital.


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