Adrien Broom

Adrien Broom is both an image-maker and a visual storyteller. As a photographer, fine artist, and set designer, Broom infuses a sense of magic and wonder into the images she creates. Whether she is using elaborate sets or relying on the beauty of the natural world, Broom creates images that are both familiar and otherworldly, fantastical with a touch of sinister. Often capturing images of women, as both mothers, daughters, sisters, and children, Broom’s photographs explore the contrast between adulthood and childhood, nature, and fantasy, finding a balance between the two.

Informed by a rich education in fine and decorative art in Florence and London, Broom’s photographs combine the sensuality of classical painting with the modern techniques of photography.

Broom currently lives and works between Brooklyn, New York & New Haven, CT. She received a BA in Computer Animation from Northeastern University. Broom continued her exploration of photography and fine art at the SACI College of Art and Design in Florence, followed by studies of Fine and Decorative Art History at Christie’s, London.

Jack Davidson

Jack Davison (b. 1990) is a London-based photographer. Davison studied English Literature at Warwick University but spent most of the time experimenting with cameras. Since the age of 14 he has continuously photographed those around him. He works for numerous publications including New York Times Magazine, M Le Monde, Luncheon, Double & British Vogue.

His first monograph Photographs was published in 2019 by the publisher Loose Joints. He released his second book ‘Song Flowers’ in collaboration with Loose Joints and the fashion house Marni this year. You can find copies of both books here.

He refuses to conform to one style; instead moving fluidly across photographic fields. From documentary to abstract, many of the London-based photographer’s shots are portraiture-focused, with brooding subjects draped in black and white shadows, to color-drenched moments quietly experienced in public spaces. Davison’s signature style is achieved through using techniques some may consider detrimental to the chicness of an image: purposely blurring or obscuring the subject in question, scratching the negatives, or ripping the shot after printing. The Essex-born photographer’s career first catapulted to acclaim in 2014 after spending six months traveling through the United States, shooting documentary images on the road to make up his photo series, ‘26 States’, the result of which saw his name highlighted by the British Journal of Photography and the New York Times Magazine.

Being self-taught has influenced the trajectory of his shooting style in impressive fashion. “I was never told how to do things, and never given any set boundaries, so I’ve never had a problem with experimenting”, Davison told the British Journal of Photography. Davison values the unplanned moment; it’s why his work sets him apart from so many others: “They’ve become too precious about the image, about sticking to the rules”, he quips. “I’m always trying to keep things playful, to keeps things from going stale. I never fail to find that exciting, I live for that.” ~Words

Joe McNally

Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning photographer whose prolific career includes assignments in nearly 70 countries. McNally is known world-wide as not only one of the top, technically excellent photographers of his generation, but his charming demeanor, confidence and humor make him a sought-after choice from CEO’s to celebrities to commercial and magazine clients alike. He is among the rare breed of photographer who has bridged the world between photojournalism and advertising, amassing an impressive commercial and advertising client list including FedEx, Sony, ESPN, Adidas, Land’s End, General Electric, Epson, MetLife, USAA, New York Stock Exchange, L     ehman Brothers, PNC Bank, and the Beijing Cultural Commission. McNally is equally comfortable climbing buildings or lighting a telescope to capturing quiet, sensitive subject matter with confidence in medical surroundings. He has shot numerous cover stories and highly complex features for the National Geographic, LIFE, and Sports Illustrated, where his research skills and unmatched preparedness were highly valued.

McNally won the first Alfred Eisenstaedt Award for Journalistic Impact for a LIFE coverage titled, “The Panorama of War.” He has been honored numerous times by Communication Arts, PDN, Graphis, American Photo, POY, and The World Press Photo Foundation. He has also adapted to the Internet-driven media world and was recently named as one of the “Top 5 Most Socially Influential Photographers” by Eye-Fi and one of the “Top 20 Influential Photographers” by, in addition to winning “2015 Photographer of the Year” by PMDA. McNally’s combined social media following is more than a ½ million to date and his popularity continues to grow as he pursues directing a variety of film projects. Home is a quiet town in Connecticut which he shares with his wife, and Sammy the cat, where he remains enthusiastic about then.